Voting open to decree the “Tune Of The Year” of 2021 !

During this afternoon’s massive episode 1038 of A State Of Trance, the Dutch trance king gave his customary year-end vote invitation

Time flies ! It’s that time of year again for “Tune Of The Year” in A State Of Trance !

In a year of hopes for normality, between the return of some events and the expectations postponed to the next 2022, the music has moved on and we can say with certainty that this 2021 was also a year full of trance music to remember.

In the aftermath of the AFAS Live event in Amsterdam for DjMag Top100 DJs, which saw the king of trance Armin van Buuren back on the podium of the most beloved DJs, we point out – and it no longer surprises us – the shortage of artists trance within the ranking, a phenomenon we have already discussed in recent years here on Trance History and which concerns precisely the lack of commercial explosion of the trance genre which, if on the one hand it is displeasing, on the other hand it probably causes that this genre of music is preserved from changes in style that risk losing its soul, which makes it really a “timeless” genre and for a smaller community but present in all corners of the world.

At ASAF Live, a new A State Of Trance event is staged in these hours with Ruben de Ronde, Vini Vici, Mark Sixma (who replaces Shapov, who due to some travel restrictions could not be present tonight) and of course Armin van Buuren, after a special episode of A State Of Trance 1038 full of guests in which the king of the radio show announced the opening of the voting to decree the “Tune Of The Year 2021” at the following usual link:

The voting closes on Thursday, December 16 and the results of voting will be broadcast during a special Top 50 episode on December 23.

Armin van Buuren tonight also announced the massive line up for the November 19th Mexico City date of the A State Of Trance 1000 world tour, not bad right ?!

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