The tribal psy returns with Armin van Buuren and Vini Vici

The authors of the giant “Great Spirit” are ready to launch a new song on Armada Music

The world of psy-goa trance has very long origins and has always been a genre that has fascinated particular fans as well as having played an important role in history with producers of a certain caliber. For some years now the idea of some producers has been to bring this genre into the mainstream Edm with an excellent result and it has become an increasingly common practice to listen to psy restarts in large festivals that excite the public.

Among the architects of this jubilation we certainly have the Vini Vici, the Israeli duo took little time to break through this musical wheel thanks also to productions that have reached very high peaks, perhaps almost epic, such as “Free Tibet” remix by Hilight Tribe, authentic musical icon. But it is with “Great Spirit” together with Armin van Buuren that this genre is confirmed at high levels with that deadly fast beat that leaves no way out during live performances together with vocals / environmental sounds of great impact. Subsequently in 2018, with the participation of Alok and Zafrir, the collaboration between the Dutch king of trance and the psy duo, was consolidated with the effervescent “United”.

And today the three guys try again with “Yama”, a production in collaboration with Tribal Dance and Natalie Wamba, with this work we enter even more into the tribal spirit which is the message that the song wants to send us, a good beat load is not absent but a second restart “to Armin” playing with an excellent pad.

The track was played yesterday during the ADE special episode of A State Of Trance 1038, coming out soon, we are facing a new explosion !

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