Unstoppable Richard Durand: HALIENE is the voice of his new track !

It never seems to end in terms of music releases this 2021 for the Amsterdam-based producer

We are witnessing a truly sensational year for Richard Durand who is preparing to launch his sixth musical work, the third vocal, which after Christina Novelli and Susana meets another among the top five trance voices of the last years, namely HALIENE.

Together with other excellent remixes we find ourselves in front of a musical year, in terms of numbers, really excellent, but what is most striking is the very high quality that Richard has given to these songs for some time now (and we have already talked about it recently).

Powerful base starting in full uplifting style, deadly vocal break and pad execution that creates an exciting refrain … these continue to be the ingredients, the secret weapon of the Dutchman that we learned to listen today and that is repeated in “Give Your Heart A Home”.

At this point, we like to think that his musical fantasy has reached a certain peak and that he defines him without problems as one, if not the best, producer of the year as well as having carved out a nice profile of “history” in what he is has been his rise in recent years to success and high positions. Furthermore, to end his year in the best possible way, this track will be released on the nostalgic Magik Muzik, prestigious sublabel of a Black Hole Recordings that this year has projected very forward.

The beautiful “Give Your Heart At Home” will be released on December 10th.

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