Richard Durand announces the brand new album “Reactivate” !

It’s a beautiful musical period for the Dutch producer who presents his fifth career work

It almost seems like an obsession, yet we still don’t get tired of talking about Richard Durand who, having just released his splendid new single with Christian Burns “Almost Home”, is preparing to launch his new studio album.

We have already mentioned in the past the experience of the Amsterdam dj who over time has evolved towards a more defined trance sound after going through an initial period with a harder and more tech sound, it was the times of “Always The Sun” and “Wide Awake” later in 2011. There was the desire to experiment along with some good collaborations (the one with Alex O’Rion in impressing his own musical style is important). With “Richard Durand Versus The World” Richard begins to change his musical concept, here the collaborations and interventions of other producers become more evident and the trail he suggests is now the purest one with progressive nuances. “The Air We Breathe” marks the decisive turning point, characterized by a line of tech / psy tracks alternating with melodic trance records.

On the brand new album “Reactivate” (out on January 28th) we actually already know many things, it largely contains the latest exciting singles (with HALIENE, Susana, Christina Novelli and Sarah de Warren) he published and confirms that he is once again able to propose something more bad, tech and even acid in a small part of the album. As already done previously, he also proposes some of his remixes that he has figured well.

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