The new season started for Cosmic Gate with a new music

After collaborating on a lavish remix, the vocalist is the star of their new release

The time has also come for Cosmic Gate to inaugurate their musical season, this comes after another splendid year of music and successes for this duo by now true leaders of the trance scene. This weekend begins the “MOSAIIK North America” album tour that will last until May, it will be five intense months. The album, released in the middle of last year, continues to have a crazy success, thanks to the extracts “Blame, Feel It” and “Nothing To Hide”, real soundtracks and which have reached exceptional heights in the ratings. It then starts from Charlotte on 15, North Carolina, and then touches several large cities between America and Canada.

But the time has come for something new now.

At the end of 2020 Nic and Bossi got their hands on an Andrew Rayel song, “Everything Everything”, transforming it into a real epic remix and giving that magical progressive touch to the original track, the vocalist on that occasion was the English Olivia Sebastianelli, emerging for some years in the branch of electronic music but already with an impressive vocal tone and that we will hear very often.

And therefore the experience of “Exploration Of Space’s men” led them to take the opportunity for a collaboration with the vocalist, certain of a sure success, in fact “We Got The Fire” out on January 19th is currently a preview with a creepy break vocal.

To be able to listen to it all and let loose in the chorus, we would have to wait a few more days because it will surely be released through some radio show, the new pearl of Wake Your Mind Records is ready to shine! This track as well as the next ones will probably be part of the second chapter of their album, which we will discover during the course of the year.

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