“Always”, an all-British progressive gem for Anjunabeats

This is the absolute debut for Ben Nicky & Creg Downey on the Above & Beyond label

For us at Trance History as well as all the trance music fans hearing about musical experiments producers who have always done certain things, this type of news it surprises us and excites us. This time it is the case of Ben Nicky and Greg Downey, two names of absolute prestige as regards the real hard and raw UK trance, pounding and often acid, these two producers, although never having collaborated before together, have had a career of very similar releases. For the Belfast dj, the story starts at the beginning of the millennium and the school is Discover Records, therefore 140bpm as a lifestyle mixed with lots of electronics. Ben, on the other hand, has always proposed a lot of often different trance, publishing for different record companies and the arrival on Anjunabeats represents a real milestone.

For the voice of “Always” is added the third English element, that is Christian Burns in great shape in the last period (after the beautiful collaboration with Richard Durand for “Almost Home”). We are faced with a really crazy progressive track, well structured and which leads us to a bassline accompanied by a really very exciting pad, the euphoric effects of the break also make this piece truly complete and high quality at first listen. We have already listened to this track in preview at the Group Therapy 450 in London last September which continues to be a event precious source of musical news.

“Always” will be released tomorrow, Friday 28 January: it’s pleasant to think of a musical work of this kind on the part of these two producers but it is not the first time that the trance musical repertoire has been enriched with the word “progressive” which is now always present.

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