Ben Gold lives an incredible musical moment

The London trance producer has amazed us lately with a rapid series of spectacular singles

We have often talked about musical rebirths by producers of a certain caliber or historians who had decided to take a break from the trance scene or from music in general and then return under a very high profile.

This is not the case with Ben Gold, however, who has been an Armada institution for over a decade and is widely recognized as one of the most talented. His musical collection has always told us about important songs along with various collaborations (first of all the partnership with Gareth Emery in several works on Garuda) , his skill in some remixes is not lacking, all however re-proposed and made to listen to the public starting from the live of A State Of Trance, with or without Armin van Buuren .

The sudden change of course for Benjamin comes in recent months with his debut on Armada Captivating, “Xtravaganza” is his debut excerpt, a powerful melodic with overwhelming harmonies, a remarkable presentation that anticipates a new release within a few weeks, perhaps the most important at the moment, is a collaboration with Plumb, prominent voice as well as voice “of the year” for ASOT during 2020, “Same Sky Same Stars” is the classic work that already smells important at first listen, something overwhelming and to talk about at length this year. Ben does not even spend two weeks returning with a new bomb, this time the collaboration is with Benjnamin Duchenne, it’s called “Take Me Away” and is a new euphoric explosion of pads, a demonstration of how much this DJ has been so fundamental in the trance scene so far. A short time passes and “Searching (For A Kinder Love)” arrives, something for lovers of true uplifting with the hypnotic voice of Jasmine Jane and immediately after “Liberation” this time without vocal support to give us something more progressive. These last five works seem to be designed in an impeccable, precise way and with a very high quality touch, all to almost declare a future release of an album that can collect all this well-done effort.

It seems over and instead no, the sixth work of these intense months sends us back into confusion because the construction of this piece is really very interesting and cared for down to the smallest detail, “Rest Of Your Lives” looks like something really complete, with a mesmerizing piano performance, uplifting melodies and incredible voice.

It’s the preview of a new album upcoming for Ben Gold, the second studio work that contains so many crazy inspirations, if it were even only half you would’ve made us crazy already, Ben !

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