With “Feel Again”, Armin van Buuren just announced his brand new artist album !

Almost three years after the release of “Balance”, Armin van Buuren’s new show will be the “bridge” for the new project of Dutch artist

A few days from the highly anticipated Dutch solo event completly sold out “This Is Me: Feel Again”, postponed several times due to a pandemic, the king of trance tonight has decided to give further emphasis to these evenings which will be held at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam from June 2 to 5 with the announcement of the anthem that bears the name of the event itself: “Feel Again”, with the vocal participation of Wrabel.

We have just listened during episode 1070 of A State Of Trance radioshow to it and needless to say, yet another flawless track with an unmissable vocal part and a captivating sound; “Feel Again”, like the event itself, symbolizes the return of Armin van Buuren in a complete way on the scene, with the clear message that despite the pandemic and after many years of incredible musical career, of try to “feel again” love for music transmitted all this time and then, still for a long time to come.

This track is just the latest in a series, once again this year, of tracks released by the Dutch DJ and producer that straddle pure trance (the Club Mix of “Human Touch” feat. Sam Gray, for example) to the whole progressive trance current (the new version of “OffShore” by Chicane, a timeless trance track from 1997, re-edited together with AVIRA), passing through the new collaboration with Shapov for the “Welcome Home” EP, not forgetting more house and pop notes (“Coming Round Again” with Billen Ted feat. JC Stewart) and not even the techno-trance sound, with “We Can Dance Again” with Reinier Zonneveld and Roland Clark, just to name a few.

As proof, once again, of the extraordinary productivity and potential of Armin van Buuren’s artistic flair, there is the real news of this day: namely that a new musical page is in store made up of as many beautiful tracks that will start right from “Feel Again” heard this evening: this track, in fact, is the first track of the new artist album by Armin van Buuren which bears the name of the track itself and it’s divided into three parts, the first is out next June 10.

Access the pre-save of “Feel Again: Part 1”.

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