Das Pharaoh is Aly’s new musical path

The egyptian trance producer describes a new musical project different from the usual with new influences

It is always nice to discover the progress of some music producers and their desire to express themselves in a different way even by totally changing genre, but it is difficult to expect it from those who perhaps have made a real icon of music and its trance style.

Who has decided to embark on a new path is in fact Aly, the pioneer of the Egyptian epic duo has hatched this idea in recent years by studying something that is closer to techno and melodic house, in short, something really opposite and antagonistic to the classic uplifting hammers that we are used to hearing from him.

In reality this is not exclusive and not even official news because the alias of this new adventure, Das Pharaoh, we already had the opportunity to listen to it a few months ago with “Luminescence”, a song in collaboration with Canadian Bryn Liedl. In that work released on FSOE UV, the most progressive department of the main label, we have a lot of vocal and a lot of techno setting, an idea of ​​how Aly has been working on this new project for a long time.

However, he himself reassures the trance lovers, it is absolutely not an abandonment to the Aly & Fila target but simply a new idea to consecrate his solo career. The social announcement therefore prepares us for a sudden roundup of releases, of tracks conceived and thought over time, the result of these last four years of work.

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