Anjuna pillar Andrew Bayer returns announcing “Duality”

From today released, the first two tracks of the new musical project of the American DJ, icon of Anjunabeats

It’s impossible not to recognize the talent and skill that the American DJ has given to the world of progressive trance in the last decade: among the major producers of the Above & Beyond label, in recent years we have been able to appreciate the various facets of his artistic inspiration: from certain dancefloor bombs (“Once Lydian” or “Magitek” above all), to the melodic and at the same time powerful sound of the album “In My Last Life”, without forgetting the ambient and downtempo magic of “If It Were You, We ‘d Never Leave” to that techno and uplifting touch of the “Parallels” EP.

Andrew Bayer returns today, after a period of intense “writing”, with the announcement of a double album entitled “Duality”: with this new work, Andrew Bayer is keen to emphasize once again the dualism that has always distinguished him: on one on the one hand, the calm and meditative soul of the downtempo sound and on the other the sound of a gory progressive trance:

The album will be split into two parts: “Duality Part One” will be released on August 12 and “Duality Part Two” will follow on October 28 and today two tracks from each of the albums have been released simultaneously: Equal” with Asbjørn and “Midnight” with Alison May, both artists have already accompanied Andrew Bayer in the past on numerous and successful releases.

in conjunction with the month of June that has just begun, which has notoriously become the month of pride of diversity, Andrew Bayer is keen to underline that:

“I did not do this album alone. These are more than just “features,” these are collaborations. Together, we have woven a massive journey that is deeply personal, and showcases our most vulnerable selves. Many of these fabulous collaborators are also LGBT +, and I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful musical family.”

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