Gabriel & Dresden reappear with an electro symphony

On the London label, the release of the new single already present in Anjunabeats Volume 16 has been announced

The news of the health reasons that concerned Josh Gabriel before this summer, seemed to put on pause the projects of the American duo who in the last period seemed to be launched towards always high-level musical works; actually the guys chose not to stop and it was Dave Dresden‘s turn to continue the musical tour around the world.

While as regards the production discourse, theirs is an always open construction site that anticipates the times, the name continues to be linked to Anjunabeats, since 2017, and anticipates the release of their new single which this time is not a major collaboration nor a vocal trance track, but is the classic genius gem of great quality.

The bosses of Anjunabeats, Above & Beyond, have accustomed us to this type of production over the years, a nice break from albums, projects to bring out choruses or charges based on timing and readily electro sounds a little out of the box. “Bias” is just that and it bases its idea from the classic musical times of Josh and Dave and inserts amazing ideas with a few minutes of true madness.

The song was composed “twisting knobs a synthesizer”, explain the boys, rather than composing with the plug in in front of a computer screen: “Bias”, out tomorrow, September 16th, is a continuous restart that seeks its ideal moment to burst, and it does it well and will certainly do during the next live shows.

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