Armin van Buuren signs with Cosmic Gate the spectacular new ASOT anthem !

The dutch trance king cooperate with the german duo for a trance bomb that already drives us crazy

It’s almost Christmas time and the A State Of Trance team knows it: waiting to know the “Tune Of The Year 2022” which will be unveiled on Thursday 22 December starting at 18:00 CET during episode 1100, on December 16th Armin van Buuren will give us the release of the “A State Of Trance Year Mix 2022” compilation and more.

The highly anticipated “Celebration Weekend” at Jaarbeurs Utrecht in The Netherland is approaching and after several postponements during the last two years it’s now certain that the event will happen and the next 3 and 4 March 2023 we will be there, all together, to celebrate the 1000 episodes of the most famous trance radioshow ever: “Turn The World Into A Dancefloor” has been the anthem that made us dance along these two years and thanks to many efforts and the participation of various insiders, the world – even if not as we imagined at the time beginning – it turned into a dance floor in Moscow, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Krakow, Los Angeles and Miami.

However, the time has come to return to a higher level, a level of glory that only A State Of Trance in its best form can give: to celebrate the return to Jaarbeurs Utrecht and the return of festivals without any restrictions, Armin van Buuren decided to give us, on December 16th, the release of a new hymn, a new A State Of Trance anthem and Cosmic Gate took care of accompanying it:

“Reflexion” is exactly what we wanted to listen: a bomb track, with the classic Cosmic Gate “squared” and whispered intro followed by one of Armin van Buuren’s most classic trance melodies that rises, until to the powerful drop: a phenomenal new anthem and among the best records of recent months, certainly among the most beautiful trance track of the 2023 incoming.

Nick and Bossi have already collaborated together with Armin in 2015, churning out the track called “Embargo” (contained in the album “Embrace”).

The new anthem will be played during episode 1099 of A State Of Trance next thursday.

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