A magical trance collab between DT8 and Lustral arriving on December 16

Darren Tate, Rick Simmons and Stephen Jones celebrate the end of the year with a collaboration

There was no need for further evidence to be able to affirm that this 2022 was one of the most interesting years for Darren Tate: above all, the synth-pop JODA project with Jono Grant of Above & Beyond which has definitively shown the changing side of the musical career of the DJ and the London producer.

In the meantime, during last months, Rick Simmonds and Stephen Jones, The Space Brothers, celebrated 25 years of career with the release of two collections “25 Years Vol. 1” “25 Years Vol. 2”: a collection of Remix of their greatest trance successes (including the alias of Lustral, Oxygen, Chakra, Ascension and many others). The duo made himself the protagonist of a spectacular trance dj set at the Luminosity Beach Festival last June, demonstrating the newfound desire to continue making music.

Darren Tate and The Space Brothers for a few weeks have found themselves in the studio together and the reason was quite evident: the release of an interesting collaboration; It’s not the first time, however, that both projects collaborate together, in 2020 in fact the delicate “On My Own” came out (under the alias Lustral).

Under the same alias, it will be released on December 16th “Sunshine in Human Form” on Mondo Records label and will be sung by Rick Simmons of The Space Brothers: this makes this collaboration even more interesting !

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