Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding tribute trance 90s with “Miracle”

Two well-known non-trance artists take us back to the 90s sound with this surprising track

It will seem strange to dwell on these pages talking about two artists, the first one, an acclaimed DJ and producer of dance and house music and the second, a world-renowned pop artist, yet, in an era in which musically “worth everything” and any genre returns to the fore on the mainstream level when until a few years ago it seemed unthinkable, we must necessarily mention it.

In fact, the spectacular Miracle by Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding was released today on Sony Music: the track had been enormously announced in recent weeks thanks to many videos that circulated on the net through the English producer’s social pages and had not gone unnoticed for its melodies: a track with very strong references to the progressive-trance of the mid-90s (the magic atmosphere of epic record by Robert Miles, BBE, RAF by Picotto and many other artists and projects immediately came to mind) and to the hands-up/eurodance genre of the early 2000s.

The unmistakable voice of Ellie Goulding fits well into these melodies, which take us back in time at least twenty years: behind the track Miracle, the English author BURNS also stands out.

Curious to see this burst of 90s melodic trance sponsored by two world-renowned pop artists how far it will go

One thought on “Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding tribute trance 90s with “Miracle”

  1. Trish says:

    Not sure many of us who danced through the 90s agree in your suggesting this track shares the sound of progressive-Trance,
    or of Robert Miles and Mauro Picotto. What I hear is happy hardcore and Euro dance and that sound was an aquired taste. Certainly not worthy of of putting this track up against such a big genres or big trance names.

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