The Quest – C Sharp

Confirming that 1999 was one of the absolute golden years for trance music, the fact that any tracks released during that year entered the “olympus” of the most iconic melodies for this music genre; one of the creators of many of these masterpieces of trance music is certainly Benno de Goeij, the name behind which hide several world-famous trance aliases and not only: Benno has also produced success for other famous artists during last twenty-five years.

In 1999, in full artistic ferment, the Dutch producer published the track C Sharp under the alias The Quest on In Trance We Trust label, contained in an EP which also included the instrumental tracks Shaken Not Stirred and Solitude: although these are three exceptional purely trance tunes, the first earned him the success of the alias, an unmistakable trance tune with a epic melody.

The Quest – C Sharp has then been covered over the years by many trance artists, including Allen & Envy and Signum, Guy Alexander, Daniel Wanrooy, Hel:sløwed and others, who have further amplified the success of this historic record over time.

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