The perfect match between trance and techno is complete: here is ‘Now Love Will Begin’ !

Armin van Buurren and HI-LO can’t wait to release for their explosive collaboration on April 12th

A State Of Trance Destination in Ahoy Rotterdam on the weekend of 23 & 24 February last staged the magical union between the trance sound and the rhythms of techno music which has recently taken hold again in the EDM and mainstream music.

An entire stage, Area 3, was almost entirely dedicated to these borderline influences between trance, progressive and techno, in which the boss of A State Of Trance wanted to be the protagonist with two B2Bs: with the Dutch techno/progressive genius Joris Voorn during the first night and above all, with the young and already highly launched Oliver Heldens who has definitively left his mark with his techno-trance alias HI-LO.

The B2B between Armin van Buuren and HI-LO was preceded by a long hype, wanting to reinforce the idea that a union between trance music and techno music was not so impossible and we had ample demonstration of this in that special hour and a half of DJ sets, in which no difference was perceived between the two genres, which were well combined.

Both during Armin van Buuren’s Destination Set the previous day and during this B2B, the track that the Leiden DJ and HI-LO composed together absolutely did not go unnoticed:

Now Love Will Begin, is exactly the perfect match between the typical dreamy and euforic trance atmosphere and a pressing techno beat, which gives fans a musical pearl reminiscent of some great classics of hard-trance music from the 90s:

Armin van Buuren has made it clear since the end of last year that this would be a fast-paced year: with the release of his album Breathe In in January, full of old school techno-trance atmospheres and with the release of the highly acclaimed single with Gryffin What Took You So Long a few days ago, the Dutch trance legend does not stop his unstoppable confirmation as the undisputed leader of the genre, signing hit after hit.

During the last DJ set of Armin van Buuren at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami (the dj set with HI-LO, instead, in the ASOT Stage canceled due to the furious bad weather that hit Florida the previous day) we listened to many of his new tracks still “ID” which already give us certainty of yet another absolutely exceptional year for him.

Moreover, it’s not so unlikely that among those new tracks, there is no further new collaboration with HI-LO !

Armin van Buuren x HI-LO – Now Love Will Begin will be released on April 12th on HILOMATIK label, the record label created specifically for HI-LO’s techno releases and not only.

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