“Common Ground Companion” is the new journey of Above & Beyond !

Jono, Paavo and Tony begin to present the first part of the second act of their latest album .

The new year’s projects for the Above & Beyond start to take shape in a very decisive manner . We were already aware of a follow-up to the “Common Ground” album with different previews given the past few months , today through the Instagram channel , the British have announced the first interesting EP . It is divided into three musical works, already heard in preview at the last ABGT300 of Hong Kong , each of these musical pieces is the perfect synthesis of their various styles .



Let’s start by mentioning “Flying By Candlelight” which is the next single official coming out this Friday . The voice is entrusted again to Marty Longstaff , who is now one of the A&B family when it comes to composing a new musical idea .  It will please a lot , because it is the classic song with an euphoric restart after a vocal break of excellent quality .

“There’s Only You” is the most anticipated song, will be presented in the original version and with the classic club mix . We have no doubts : it will be one of the most important songs of the year. A powerful and enthralling beat accompanies the vocal notes of Zoë Johnston, the rest is a masterpiece that you do not expect to hear , a deep and sharp pad opens perfectly sending shivers! Remember this song for the next 12 months .

Finally, “Distorted Truth” , is the classic no-vocal experiment proposed for quite some time. Almost always, as also this case, the song proposes decided and quite electro sounds, suitable for the dance floor, the central melody is however less decisive and more extended with softer tones, the progression is truly remarkable and catchy .

It’s really impressive the quality level of this first taste of “Common Ground Companion EP” , we believe the Above & Beyond now true musicians capable of carrying out crazy projects with very few notes or choice of sound elements , they have not really antagonistic from this point of view .



We are waiting for the release of “Flying By Candlelight” next Friday and on March 29th this wonderful Extended Play !


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