“Always” by Armin van Buuren and BT comes out with an official video

A surreal video that evokes a little the atmosphere of suspension of this historical moment accompanies the last track by Armin van Buuren e Brian Transeau


It’s always nice to see an official video of trance music come out at a time when many of these videos have often been replaced by lyric videos, however beautiful.

This is the case of the track by Armin van Buuren with BT in collaboration with the American project Nation Of One (Kristi Krings and Aric Johnson): “Always” is one of the many songs contained in Armin’s last great work, “Balance”, released last October.

The song brings out the atmosphere of electronic trance typical of the american producer and the massive progressive-trance beat of Armin van Buuren, the new voice is by Kristi Krings.

You just have to listen to the song and watch the really impressive official video, here it is:


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