Armin van Buuren asks to vote for the best tracks in the history of A State Of Trance

The journey to the ASOT 1000 begins tonight with a special poll that Armin van Buuren opened live in his Thursday episode.


Even if the timing of the live show is not the best, it’s time to start laying the foundations for episode 1000 of the A State Of Trance show, and Armin van Buuren tonight in his episode opens the flying at a special vote which will expire on 15 October. 



Armada’s godfather will ask their fans for the next 3 months to choose their all-time favorite trance track played by ASOT.  A choice for fans that is very difficult but exciting at the same time, a rundown of songs that trace a large part of the life of this musical genre and which will see its final result in a special episode Road To 1000 – ASOT Top 100

The poll is already open and you can immediately vote your 10 favorite songs of all time.

Let’s have fun!



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