Cosmic Gate launch a new stunning remix

For the two german pioneers it is no longer a novelty to transform normal songs into real anthems.

It was very difficult to improve a very interesting song like “Everything Everything”, a track produced by Andrew Rayel and which became special especially for Olivia Sebastianelli‘s splendid vocal graft. In its original version this song released almost two months ago gives us a very direct and decisive break characterized by a remarkable euphoric pad. In the hands and ideas of Nic and Bossi instead we have been used to listening to releases or remakes consisting of long waits and restarts, qualities that have given success to remixes like “Only Road” or songs like “am2pm” or “Need To Feel Loved” , this feature in addition to excellent sounds with progressive and melodic contours is repeated in their remix of this piece that does not detract from the vocal but rather enhances it in a different way and projects us towards their usual deadly restart.

With this remix Andrew Rayel has become a source of great inspiration for various producers in the last period, for example Durand’s latest remix of his “Never Going Down”. Cosmic Gate‘s work was previewed by Will Atkinson on his set of the latest episode of A State Of Trance 988 and the episode of Group Therapy and is expected to be released soon.

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