In The Netherlands the government could allow festivals from next July

The possibility of being able to attend the events in the second part of 2021 seem to grow

Following the cancellation of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami next March, the world of clubs and events has run for cover about the risk that the festivals may not take place even during this year, after a forgettable 2020: various events have therefore already been postponed or canceled for the second time or organized in a completely new way (like the UNTOLD festival than, waiting to understand if the August event will take place, has organized one on a cruise ship !)

It’s almost certain, by now, that at least until the end of next spring, no government will freely allow the organization of large live musical events, this because are expected the concrete effects of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 which began almost two months, in conjunction with a decline of contagion’s cases that will occur with the entry of the hot season.

So what could happen next summer ? If until now seemed only feeble hopes, as regards the country home to the major festivals and mother house of trance music, the Dutch Government, through the page of a musical event Liquicity, makes it known that from 1 July 2021 allow the organization of festivals in the country, if the pandemic will not reserve further unpleasant surprises.

The Dutch government already announced months ago that with the arrival of the vaccine, the programs to revive festivals would change.

This news coincides with a new announcement regarding the celebrations for A State Of Trance 1000 which already has two further dates schedule for October 2021: after the double event on September 3 and 4 in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht infact, Armin van Buuren will announce soon the details for the dates of Krakow and Moscow.

Let’s continues to keep his fingers crossed !

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