Jorn van Deynhoven ends his producer career with “Viva La Vida” !

Dutch producer announces the release of his latest career single from the album “The Future Is Now”

We had known for some time the choice of Jorn van Deynhoven to abandon of trance music scene as producer, he is not the first major author who takes this type of personal choice but we will really miss him. This is because fans have taken his music to heart also because of his health problems that have affected him in the past, and his music in recent years has inflamed the public with releases above all on Armada and A State Of Trance massive and iconic.

Last year the news of the farewell was anticipated by the release of his latest album, or “The Future Is Now” which collected several of his latest hits and other musical extracts that represent the true energetic trance done in anthem.

“Viva La Vida” is the last act of his musical history, characterized by these wide melodic arpeggios and a pressing beat, this track released on February 12 will be accompanied by a club version and a still mysterious remix that Jorn himself still does not declare the author.

His spectacular remix of “RAMsterdam” which excited Armin van Buuren himself during one of the last Untold Festivals will remain in the memories of the hardest fans; “New Horizons”, we will remember it as one of the most authentic anthem ever written.

We will miss you Jorn !

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