Giuseppe Ottaviani just announced his new album “Horizons”

For this episode of A State Of Trance, Armin van Buuren has chosen Ottaviani to lead his radioshow, giving us new music and new important news

After the nostalgic episode of last Thursday in the company of Ferry Corsten who gave us two hours with the classic trance sound of System F and Gouryella, the most successful Italian DJ and producer of recent years Giuseppe Ottaviani took advantage of his take-over tonight in the Amsterdam studios at the helm of A State Of Trance episode 1030 to announce important news.

In fact, we have just listened to “With You” (feat. Monika Santucci) and “The Wind In Your Face”, the two new tracks from her new full-length “Horizons”.

Although the release date of the new album is unknown (but Ottaviani promises further news very soon), we appreciated the change of style compared to the previous “Evolver” released in 2019, a totally instrumental album characterized by 17 tracks with a markedly uplifting trance sound.

In particular, what was announced as the first single of the new work, or “With You”, stands out for its progressive-trance sounds, a track that leaves the prominent kick of the previous singles in favor of a depth of sounds that combine perfectly with the growth of the vocal part.

“The Wind In Your Face” on the other hand, is an instrumental track that plays on a suspended techno-trance rhythm. Both tracks are very reminiscent of his 2013 album “Magenta”, a varied album that affirmed him in the world of trance, but we are sure that even with the new album “Horizons”, Giuseppe Ottaviani will be able to satisfy lovers of all the most disparate styles of trance.

Armin van Buuren and Giuseppe Ottaviani released the incredible collaboration “Magico” in the last few months, nominated to become one of the most popular trance tracks of this year and contained in the album to be released on September 3 “Forever” and which confirms the friendship of Armin van Buuren towards the Italian DJ and producer.

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