The wait is over: here is “Home With You” by Armin van Buuren and Susana !

From the album “A State Of Trance FOREVER” out tomorrow, a collaboration that has marked the history of trance music is back

Song after song, the puzzle of the highly anticipated album to be released from next midnight “A State Of Trance FOREVER” was composed: eleven huge collaborations between the king of Dutch trance and some producers of historical fame or young talents who have marked the their ascent, to celebrate the fateful milestone of the 1000 episodes of A State Of Trance in conjunction with a special “Celebrations Weekend” which should have been held just tomorrow and Saturday 4 but which instead, as we know, due to the severe restrictions in place in The Netherlands, was postponed to the 18 and 19 February 2022.

We started with the duet between Armin van Buuren and Giuseppe Ottaviani for “Magico”, followed by “Divino” with Maor Levi, “Let Go” with Tom Staar and Josha Daniel, “Jonson’s Play” with Sander van Doorn and again the collaboration with Jorn van Deyhnoven for “Lost In Space” and again with Rank 1 for “The Greatest Light To Rule The Night”, and last but not least, the new track with AVIRA for “Sirius”.

There was huge anticipation tonight for A State Of Trance special episode 1032 on the eve of the new album’s release and fan expectations have been rewarded: Armin van Buuren just played us all the amazing remaining collaborations featured in “FOREVER” and among the giants Aly & Fila (feat. Kazi Jay for “For All Time”), Push (“In The Dark You Shine”) and Paul Oakenfold (“Sonata”), probably the biggest expectation was for Armin van Buuren’s brand new track with Susana, “Home With You”, which we just listened to live in the Amsterdam studios:

“Home With You”, written together with Mark Otten, is the new collaboration between the boss of A State Of Trance and Sanne Boomhouwer, which rose to prominence in 2005, together with Armin van Buuren for the legendary record “Shivers” which in January of this year, during the special episode to celebrate the 1000 episodes of A State Of Trance, it was voted the most loved track in the history of the radio show; the new track, sung in the studio, is a vocal song but we are sure that we will soon listen to the version with a beat trance.

The DJ and the vocalist also collaborated in 2008 for “If You Should Go” (contained in the album “Imagine”) and for “Desiderium 207” of the 2010 album “Mirage”: it was therefore eleven years that Armin van Buuren and Susana didn’t release a track together.

Will Armin van Buuren and Susana return to the top together again at the end of this year ?

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