The magical “Vertigo” is the new single by Cosmic Gate

The German trance duo blow up what they call “the most diverse track of our new album MOSAIIK”

Exactly one month has passed since the release of the highly anticipated album “MOSAIIK – Chapter One” by the German trance duo and some of the songs on the album are already among the greatest trance hits of this 2021: “Your Mind”, “Feel It” and mostly “Blame” and “Nothing To Hide” which see the participation of Diana Miro, have won the hearts of vocal trance lovers.

Nic Chagall and Bossi, on the other hand, with their return to the scene and off the virtual sets that have accompanied us since last year, are pushing and making the public appreciate another song from the album, which will be released this Friday: “Vertigo”

“Vertigo” represents the synthesis of this new musical chapter: the “dark” progressive tones that are characterizing many of the EDM releases of recent months meet the depth of the musical sound of Cosmic Gate, the track remains magically suspended while intrude electro elements and a female voice that seems to come from below, before “climbing” retracing the atmospheres of progressive trance they know well.

Already in rotation within the main trance radioshows such as A State Of Trance, Group Therapy, Find Your Harmony and many others, we are sure that it will be further appreciated and played live in the coming months.

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