Armin van Buuren invites us to “Feel Again” with his epic show “This Is Me” !

The Dutch DJ officially confirms the long-awaited event, after two years of postponements

Two years ago at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam we should have celebrated what in the past was called “Armin Only” or the tour that the Leiden DJ and producer takes around the world consecutively at the release of each of his new album: “This Is Me” was officially renamed the event, after the release of the “Balance” album at the end of 2019 and the event should have taken place in May 2020: it goes without saying what the fate of this event was and as we all know, not only of this, but of almost all the musical events during the last two years around the world.

We have therefore arrived at 2022, the year of the twenty-five career of the Dutch trance legend, twenty-five years since the release of the hypnotic “Blue Fear”, twenty-five years that revolutionized forever the story of trance music and electronic music and the time seems ripe to return to celebrate, in a different key, the long-awaited “This Is Me” show promised two years ago.

The already sold-out event had already been rescheduled for the days 2, 3, 4 and 5 June 2022, but now Armin van Buuren has confirmed the event, launching a special trailer in which he is keen to point out that despite being stopped for all this time, in “behind the scenes” many new ideas have been born and the music has never been spent: in short, everything seems ready to “Feel Again”, exactly as the event has now been renamed:

Do not fear, however: some valuable tickets will be available for sale on March 31st via, so don’t miss out on this special opportunity to enjoy a long-awaited event.

The king of trance in recent weeks has been the protagonist of the Polish stage of the ASOT 1000 world tour in Krakow, a celebratory event in support of the Red Cross in Poland that helps war refugees, renamed with the hashtag #DanceForUkraine; two days ago at Tomorrowland Winter in Alpe d’Huez and just last night, the return of ASOT to Miami after two years for the further stage of the 1000 milestone at Bayfront Park, an event that also celebrated 10 years of the Ultra Music Festival in Florida, bringing on stage a special B2B with the techno DJ Reinier Zonneveld.

In short, everything testifies to the desire to return to making music with the public and the fluidity of Armin van Buuren to remain with his feet planted on the trance ground but with an eye always elsewhere.

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