Our current mood is “Gratitude”: Above & Beyond and anamē announce their long awaited collaboration

Above & Beyond spread gratitude with this new track in which an (almost !) new project and the now iconic Marty Longstaff collaborate

In a 2022 that promises to be already extraordinary for the most famous English trance trio, filled with incredible live events, including the ABGT500 in Los Angeles on October 15th, Paavo, Jono and Tony this week will release an eagerly awaited new track, played for the first time during the ABGT450 in London last September, which was born from their collaboration with the new project anamē and Marty Longstaff.

The anamè duo will be born exactly with this track, which also represents a sort of handover with the gardenstate project: Marcus Schössow in fact, at the end of March decided to leave the project, founded with Matthew Felner, to found this new project together with Thomas Sagstad: the duo, among other things, will play at Anjunabeats Europe on April 22nd at the Gliwice Arena in Poland; Marty Longstaff, on the other hand, is in his third rehearsal with Above & Beyond (after the exciting “Tightrope” in 2017 and “Flying By Candlelight” in 2019) but other tracks are in the pipeline with the London trio.

On Thursday, April 14th, will be finally released on Anjunabeats “Above & Beyond and anamè feat. Marty Longstaff – Gratitude”:

“Gratitude” is a track that once again enhances the brilliant harmony of Above & Beyond that here joins the progressive trance-breaks sound that Marcus Schössow, with the gardenstate before and now with the anamè, gives to this magical song: the warm voice of Marty Longstaff closes the circle in a romantic dance embrace: the video clip accompanying the track is already iconic and further enhances all the characteristics that have been chosen to compose this magical track.

Gratitude is a feeling that is often mentioned by Above & Beyond in their tracks and along their concerts: this track gives a face to this feeling that never before is right now to be exalted and that we hope is part of all people in every corner of the world very soon.

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