“New Horizon” marks the new musical era of Alpha 9

On January 13 of the new year the debut album of the Russian talent will be launched under the alias Alpha 9

In the scenario of trance music and especially in what concerns progressive in all its nuances, we could mention dozens and dozens of sacred monsters, Artem Stolyarov aka ARTY and aka Alpha 9 is certainly one of them.

We are talking about a producer who over time has advertised himself, has made himself known to the great EDM scene, enjoying himself from the trance branch, touching the techno one up to the house music. A practically complete musical head that easily stimulates the electro listener with its live performances.

Certainly there is a high-level musical skill that started at the beginning of the last decade debuting between Anjunabeats and Enhanced Music then, with his first musical works, to then attract the attention of more global record companies such as Ministry Of Sounds, Ultra Records and Spinnin ‘. We are dealing with a musical repertoire that can also boast prestigious collaborations between Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, BT and an infinity of top-level vocalists. Obviously there is no lack of confirmation on Armada in recent years with many Armind releases under the eye of Armin van Buuren.

Its conception is simple: progressive trance / house that knows no distinction between the two genres by listening to one of its classic tracks “Rebound” (vs. Mat Zo), knows how to dance and stimulate emotions at the same time.

And it is likely that his first album under the pseudonym Alpha 9 could collect all of this: something we may have already tasted in his explosive ABGT 500 live in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, “Calling” (vs. Scors and Tom Baley), released in recent weeks, is definitely the first unveiled release of this new era for Artem: the second single of the album which sees the participation of Jonathan Mendelson with a sweet progressive track entitled “Down To Love” it just release out today:

“New Horizons” will land on January 13, 2023.

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