Faithless – Salva Mea (Epic Mix)

_track_Faithless – Salva Mea (Epic Mix)

_label_Cheeky Recordings


From their first album “Reverence” in 1996, Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and the producer Rollo, under the pseudonym Faithless, have churned out authentic masterpieces between progressive trance and mixing the tri-pop, breaks and underground sound of those years in the UK: the first single of the album is the progressive/acid track “Salva Mea”, released in 1995 which paves the way for the success of frontman Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss: the track reaches #7 in the UK Single Chart and #1 in Swiss; in 2015, Above & Beyond remixed the track, giving us a catchy progressive trance version of this masterpiece.

Maxi Jazz leaves us on December 23, 2022 and with him the legacy of the profound meaning of electronic music.

Maxwell Alexander Fraser aka MAXI JAZZ

14 June 1957 – 23 December 2022

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