Utrecht, 3+4 March 2023, A State Of Trance: it’s time to celebrate !

The multi-heralded trance event will finally see the light next week: we summarize the latest guidance here

On January 21, 2021, after a non-stop week of music on social media with an incredible marathon of 950 legendary trance songs voted by users, Armin van Buuren celebrated the 1000th episode of his colossal radio show, revealing what, according to users, were the fifty most loved trance tracks of the 20 years of A State Of Trance.

There had always been the idea of celebrating this incredible milestone with a memorable trance event or a series of events around the world; during this episode, it was announced the Dutch date: indeed, two epic dates, a Celebration Weekend on 3 and 4 September 2021 in the usual venue of Jaarbuers Utrecht.
However, fate was adverse and the festivals crisis due to the pandemic lasted longer than expected: the first postponement was decided for February 2022 but the strict rules of the Dutch government led to the “mega event” being postponed in 2023.

After two years of waiting, trance music fans from all corners of the world will finally be able to celebrate this milestone next week.

Turn The World Into A Dancefloor was the hymn that accompanied the fans in these two years of waiting, in the meantime the programs and visions of the A State Of Trance team have changed and from the beginning of this year the radioshow has taken on a new form: A State Of Trance REFLEXION is in fact, as we know, the name of this edition of the festival.

To combine the reason for the celebrations and at the same time the news that the radioshow brings with it, on 3 and 4 March, there will be two dedicated events;

On next Friday 3 we will celebrate ASOT’s twenty years, starting at 6 pm with Ruben de Ronde’warm up set will anticipate Armin van Buuren’s exclusive 6-hour set in which the greatest hits will be played with live performances and many other top secret surprises; other artists will perform in the oval hall during this unforgettable night:

On Saturday 4 instead, Armin invites us to his usual 5-stage event that will welcome or so 40,000 trance lovers and not only: REFLEXION in fact, anticipates the new visions of the A State Of Trance radioshow which increasingly marries the idea of progressive and techno along with trance music. Precisely for this reason the lineup of the event has changed (one was announced almost two years ago) and among the protagonists of Saturday night, we see “unusual” names such as ARTBAT and Enrico Sangiuliano. The timetable of the event has been published:

The new era of A State Of Trance will officially begin next weekend with this event that is the most awaited trance event for years for fans of the genre; for all the other info of the event, you can connect to the official website: https://festival.astateoftrance.com/ and keep an eye on the waiting list: some tickets are still available !

Will you be there ? ; )

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