Do you remember all anthems of A State Of Trance ?!

REFLEXION is only the last of many years of hymns signed by Armin van Buuren and other artists for this event

Only three days now separate trance fans from the mega event which will mark the return to Jaarbeurs Utrecht of Armin van Buuren and his entire team to celebrate the twenty years of A State Of Trance and the future of the radio show: REFLEXION is the motto of this great return that also gives its name to the anthem that will keep us company throughout 2023, anthem signed by Armin himself and the Cosmic Gate:

Do you remember all the anthems that marked the last editions of ASOT radioshow ? Let’s go over this piece of trance history together !

The first official anthem for the world tour was released for the edition 450 of A State of Trance, year 2010, and it is a record that bears the name of the 450 edition, produced by Sebastian Brandt: a boost of uplifting trance memorable:

For that edition, the event touched the cities of Toronto, New York, Bratislava, Wroclaw, Seattle and Ibiza.

In 2011, for the edition 500 it was decided to bring an event to each continent: the cities of Joannesburg, Miami, Buenos Aires, Den Bosch and Sydney were chosen and the anthem of this first milestone featured Benno de Goeij and Armin van Buuren at work with GAIA project: Statu Excessu D accompanied the fans and the famous “space cadets” in that memorable edition:

In 2012, the space cadets decide to “invade” planet earth bringing the sound of A State Of Trance to six different locations: London, Moscow, Kiev, Los Angeles, Miami and again Den Bosch as the final stage : the anthem of the edition 550 will be the catchphrase Invasion signed by W&W chosen by the fans the previous months:

Following the growing success of the previous editions, Armin van Buuren in 2013 decided to expand the world tour, doubling the number of dates for the 600th edition: Madrid, Mexico City, San Paolo, Minsk, Sofia, Beirut, Kuala Lampur, Mumbai, Miami , Guatemala City, New York City and again Den Bosch were chosen for this giant edition and the anthem was signed by Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz, The Expedition:

The last edition in which the space cadets of A State Of Trance accompanied the event and invaded earth and space was that of 2014 called New Horizons which gives its name to the highly appreciated hymn voted by the fans and produced by Jorn van Deyhnoven: the cities involved were Moscow, Almaty, Yekaterinburg, Santiago, Beunos Aires, Kuala Lampur, Jakarta, Miami and Utrecht: Jaarbeurs Utrecht from this edition n. 650 edition onwards will be the regular stop for the great Dutch event:

The 700 edition in 2015 and 750 in 2016 acted as a “watershed” between the old idea of festival and the new one: for the 700 edition the anthem was written by Armin van Buuren and entitled Together (In A State Of Trance) and the world tour touched seven cities while in 750 it was Ben Gold who wrote the hymn I’m In A State Of Trance for a reduced edition in which 15 years of the radio show in Utrecht were celebrated:

In 2017, from the edition 800 onwards, in line with the new radio show format which envisaged the recording of the video program directly from the Amsterdam studios, with guests and many new features, the world tour focused on greater musical versatility but maintaining always the trance imprint, with a common layout which, with different colors for each year, accompanied all the editions up to the 1000th. From this moment on, all the anthems were written by Armin van Buuren himself.

That year the edition touched the cities of Utrecht, Boom (for Tomorrowland), Miami, Amsterdam and Liverpool and carried the name of I Live For That Energy, with this crackling anthem:

Edition 850 invited fans in 2018 to “live in the moment” with the sparkling anthem Be In The Moment, played in six cities around the world:

And then even higher, in 2019 with Lifting You Higher (seven cities involved in the tour) for the edition n. 900:

… letting yourself be guided by the sound of trance in 2020 with Let The Music Guide You, a short edition marked by the outbreak of the pandemic after the only two dates in Amsterdam and Utrecht on February 14 and 15:

And finally, the epic 2021 anthem that celebrated two decades of A State Of Trance, Turn The World Into A Dancefloor and that has accompanied us also for 2022, with a tour that has touched the cities where it is it was possible to hold an event, then in Moscow, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Krakow, Miami and Los Angeles:

Who knows if we will hear some of them on the celebratory evening on Friday 3rd at Jaarbeurs Utrecht: what is your favorite anthem ?

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