“Mirador” is the new insane progressive gem of Cosmic Gate

The new bomb track from the latest album by the German duo comes out tomorrow

Fresh from an unforgettable performance during the long-awaited A State Of Trance Celebration Weekend in early March in Utrecht, and currently grappling with the new MOSAIIK Chapter Two tour that will continue at least until the end of August, the legendary German duo never stops giving us precious new releases.

2023 is undoubtedly the year of REFLEXION (with Armin van Buuren), the now unmistakable anthem of the A State Of Trance tour that bears this name and which represents the further consecration of a historic career: we have listened to it many times in recent weeks along with their latest single, Emotions Of Color featuring Gid Sedgwick.

Nic & Bossi are about to release a new single from MOSAIIK Chapter Two: the instrumental track Mirador:

This track, which incorporates the already known characteristics and sounds of the duo, probably represents one of the high points of the MOSAIIK project. We listen to a pure progressive track that gives us a slow ascent that sinks into a euphoric refrain, yet another progressive-trance jewel: pure goosebumps !

Mirador will be released tomorrow, Friday April 7th, via Black Hole Recordings.

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