Above & Beyond inaugurate their new musical chapter with the explosive “Angry JP8”

The new “Tranquility Base Vol. 1 EP” to be released in the next months bears the name of their famous historical project

That a lot of new music was in the pipeline in this 2023 Jono, Paavo and Tony didn’t hide it: with the announcement of the new edition of the Group Therapy Weekender in July at the now usual location of The Gorge Ampitheatre in WS, USA, Above & Beyond had in fact expressly announced that the celebrations for the 550th episode of the Group Therapy radioshow this year would not turn into the usual festival as the trio will remain busy recording new music in the London studios.

Probably, the first part of this music collection is already under our eyes and ready to be packaged shortly: during ABGT500 in Los Angeles last October, in fact, the London trio enchanted us with lots of ID tracks of various kinds; the first of these is finally revealed today:

Angry JP8 is a crazy break/techno-trance track that leaves you suspended until the disruptive release of the beat in the chorus: a real strength. The track will be part of the new Above & Beyond EP called Tranquility Base Vol. 1: the name draws the attention of the fans as it is the same as their historical project of a few years ago (the famous trance tracks Razorfish, Surrender, Oceanic, Buzz and Getting Away released between 2001 and 2007), but probably this title of the EP – soon to be released next May 25 – has nothing to do with the legacy of the famous project but just takes up its name.

The latest official single from Above & Beyond was released last year, Chains featuring Marty Longstaff, but we know that during these last few months Paavo has been grappling with his P.O.S. solo project which is giving us exciting melodies.

Tranquility Base Vol. 1 therefore seems to be the first of two or more music collections that the trio intends to release during this 2023: not yet, therefore a new album (the last one, Common Ground released in January 2018, if we exclude the Common Ground Companion EP released the following year) but it is said that it is not expected.

Meanwhile, Angry JP8 is out now !

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