Armin van Buuren and the Vini Vici make poker: “When We Come Alive” is coming !

The tribal psy sound unites again with the inspirations of the Dutch trance legend, resulting in a 4th collaboration

In a historical moment in which techno and trance resemble each other more and more, the psychedelic style (or more in short “psy”) is once again experiencing a favorable moment, finding itself exactly in the middle: in 2016, year during which Vini Vici had launched their remix now iconic of Free Tibet by the Hilight Tribe, Armin van Buuren had immediately captured this potential and in fact at the end of the year a devastating collaboration immediately arrived: Great Spirit.

Two years later, in 2018, Vini Vici find themselves once again in collaboration with the king of trance, together with the Brazilian DJ Alok and the composer Zafrir for United. Not yet sated, in 2021, Armin and the Israeli duo launch the third track together called Yama, which again confirms the excellent fruits born of this collaboration.

From the dj set in Sphere stage during the Celebration Weekend in Utrecht on March 3rd and 4th, the Dutch legend opened his set with an ID track, but it was clear, from the familiar sound, that it was again a collaboration between him and Vini Vici: confirmation just arrived from Armin and Vini Vici, with a fourth collaboration arriving on April 21 called When We Come Alive (feat. ALBA):

What better way for Vini Vici to celebrate their first 10 years of career, which are meanwhile grappling with their world tour than to celebrate the ten years of career.

Pre-save here Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici feat. ALBA – When We Come Alive

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