A new moon is rising for Stoneface & Terminal: ‘Moonrise’ !

The third track of the “lunar” saga of Stoneface & Terminal is coming on Future Sound Of Egypt label

In the now twenty-year musical career of Matthias Gierth (Stoneface) & Henry Nix (Terminal), quality has never been questioned and their music has often made it clear that it is not necessary to run into mainstream to maintain the esteem of trance lovers more avid and the constancy in producing pure trance gems with a sophisticated sound every time.

But not only pure trance: with the alias Gundamea since 2016 the German duo has gone as far as deep house while keeping the characteristics of their genre intact.

In the wake of the newfound love for techno and hard-trance music in the current electronic music scene, the German duo hasn’t given up on having their say and in the last few weeks the two energetic Louder and Just Rave have been released under the Terminal alias.

With three studio albums (Wide Range 2007, Be Different in 2014 and Altered Floors in 2018) Stoneface & Terminal have been among the major pillars of euphonic label (created by those other two German sacred monsters of Kyau & Albert back in 1997), with a fruitful parenthesis in Pure Trance label (protagonists of the chapter Vol. 9 in 2021 of the famous compilation that bears the name of the Solarstone radio show) and finally, finding a new home in Future Sound Of Egypt in recent years.

Just in FSOE Matt and Henry have published some important records that have made their way into the heart of the trance family: the spectacular Moonscape in 2021 and Moonraver last 2022, an authentic follow-up.

It seems that the moon can continue to shine in their name: in fact, the new Moonrise will be released on June 9th:

Previewed for episode 352 of Pure Trance last March, Moonrise is a magnificent pure trance track that detaches itself from the sound hypnotic of the previous two, with a trance melody that will surely dream lovers of the genre.

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