Aly & Fila x Schiller together for something highly anticipated !

After two years, the long-awaited rework of the egyptian duo of a historical track has been released

The world of electronic music is often used to waiting, often endless, to be able to formalize the release of new songs. Sometimes these long times are due to “technical” talks about contracts, regulations or priorities.

Sometimes it can happen that some proposed songs or remixes don’t actually have the aim of being subsequently made official, sometimes it becomes fun and curious on the part of those who propose, to listen to the opinion of the public and enthusiastic crowds during a dj set.
But several times, as has already happened, it is the public and their liking that transforms an experiment into something to be officially published.

For example, among the many FSOE releases in recent years, we have heard I Won’t Let You Fall by Aly & Fila and JES, but what struck the fans the most was their “progressive” version which was played during the live music, the enthusiasm was such especially in social networks, that after a few months the egyptian duo announced the release of that “much in demand” version as well.

Today, Aly & Fila always surprise us with this speech, because in the last two years, their ID of the evenings has practically exalted everyone, and it is a reworking of a historical electronic masterpiece: we are talking about Leben … I Feel You by Schiller. This remix, out on June 16th, will be published by Universal, the world label that exactly 20 years ago released the album with this hit in collaboration with Peter Heppner.

This work is by now known to all, and it could not fail to come out as a release, the exaltation of an epic refrain in the most absolute uplifting explosion, a gift that we will carry with us for a long time for the next few months !

Schiller feat. Heppner – Leben … I Feel You (Aly & Fila Rmx) is pre-save here: Aly & Fila Rmx

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