Armin, Ferry, Ruben and Benno created the ASOT 2024 anthem !

The time is already ripe to think about the next edition and the ASOT team has given us a special live broadcast to follow the creation of the new anthem

Reflexion marked the period between the milestone of episode n. 1000 and the new era of A State Of Trance: the track created by Armin van Buuren and Cosmic Gate, which gave its name to the current edition of A State Of Trance, is certainly one of most popular trance anthems of recent years and among the best tracks of this 2023 and accompanied the awaited Celebration Weekend in Utrecht last March and we will hear it again during the A State Of Trance event in London on next July 2nd, with an unmissable appointment in three stages where thirty of the major artists of the trance and progressive scene will take turns in the spectacular headquarters of Dockyards.

Since the surprises never end in the Amsterdam studios, Armin and his two partner in crime Ruben de Ronde and Ferry Corsten, together with one of the most successful minds of Armada Music (label which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary), Benno de Goeij, have come together these last two days for a special live broadcast on Youtube and Discord.

The reason ? Show all fans how to create a trance anthem !

Yes, because the future is already here and it’s already time to talk about next year’s new edition of ASOT (which from this year no longer takes its name every 50 episodes of the radio program but according to the year of celebration) and Armin , Ruben, Ferry and Benno let us participate in the creation of the new anthem, which doesn’t have a title yet, but which we still got to listen to at the end of these two day of live broadcast.

Although the track will probably receive some final changes in the last phase of recording before release, the first impression of the new A State Of Trance 2024 anthem was exceptional: a euphoric trance track in which all the sonorities of the “fantastic four” are perceived: it starts with a motif in crescendo with sounds reminiscent of the tracks of GAIA project (Armin/Benno) and the latest productions by Ruben de Ronde up to the explosion of the uplifting refrain in which the hand of Ferry Corsten is clearly heard, with strings similar to the Gouryella project: a great power stroke !

You can try to listen to it in the last minutes of the second day of live:

Waiting to understand what the title and the final form of the new anthem will be, rest assured that the guys have promised that it will be played during the ASOT celebrations in London: we can’t wait !

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