Tastexperience feat. Natasha Pearl – Summersault

_track_Tastexperience feat. Natasha Pearl – Summersault



Nigel Palmer, Richard Cornish and Russell Barker achieved their notoriety in the world of trance music with the Tastexperience project: especially between the end of the 90s and the early 2000s they broke into the hearts of young lovers of the genre with some records that have become iconic: Summersault from 1998 has become one of the examples of summer trance hits, with this “balearic” sound that inevitably recalls the beaches and the sun of the Mediterranean. In this memorable trance track we find Natasha Pearl’s choirs that blend well with the dreamy sounds of the track. A famous version of Summersault is the work of a remix by Tall Paul, also released in the same year.

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