A fantastic Anjunabeats collab between Gabriel & Dresden, Andrew Bayer and SubTeal is on the way !

The mysterious track ‘ID’ heard in some recent dj sets has finally a name and is a precious trance collaboration

There’s the sensation of a rebirth for the legendary American trance duo: this last weekend we saw Gabriel & Dresden after a long time together on the stage of the Group Therapy Weekender in the by now familiar venue of The Gorge Amphitheater: especially happy to have seen Josh Gabriel behind the console again, after the sickness that struck him almost two years ago.

Josh and Dave then performed two DJ sets: the first one, with Tony McGuinnes of Above & Beyond, for an exceptional journey through time with classic trance tracks and then, the following day, with their DJ set which takes its name from their musical appointment called Club Quarantine (a name not by chance, born in conjunction with the lockdown).

To give further prominence to Washington State event, was the presence on the stage of Andrew Bayer, the pilar of Anjunabeats, and the vocalist Brittany O’Neal, aka SubTeal, one of the signatures of the latest successes of the Gabriel & Dresden (and present in the last successful albums The Only Road, 2017 and Remedy, 2020): Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden gathered on the stage together with Andrew and Brittany, by announcing a precious collaboration, coming out in the next few days on Anjunabeats, called Other Eye:

Above & Beyond, the bosses of Anjunafamily, had played this track at EDC Las Vegas last May and it hadn’t gone unnoticed at all: Andrew Bayer’s sounds between trance, progressive and techno have found the right fusion with the vocal trance world of Gabriel & Dresden feat SubTeal in this new track: the result is an absolutely emotional track.

Other Eye, for Andrew Bayer is further confirmation that his artist genius it’s like a magic wand of some of the greatest hits of the Anjunabeats label hits for over ten years now: his double album Duality released last year and the subsequent remix album released few weeks ago are among the best progressive and trance works released recently and Other Eye will be further confirmation not only for Bayer but also Gabriel and Dresden, who promise starting from this new track, the beginning of a new journey of beautiful melodies.

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