Armin van Buuren is about to launch the incredible ‘Space Case’

The dutch legend is finally ready to release one of the most anticipated tracks of 2023

Fresh from yet another and unforgettable Tomorrowland, in which we saw him protagonist in the Mainstage and in a highly acclaimed trance set in the 3-hour Freedom Stage, the Dutch trance king runs fast and, as we have already seen, has already announced, together with his team, all the news related to the new edition of the A State Of Trance festival to be held next year, called DESTINATION.

Although with an announced opening towards musical genres similar to trance in this still ongoing edition of the festival (REFLEXION, as the name of the beloved anthem signed together with Cosmic Gate), Armin van Buuren keeps high the flag of undisputed leader of the trance genre after more than two decades, combining the nostalgic part of the genre and fusing it with new rhythms towards new productions.

This is the case of a track that Armin van Buuren played in previews during his Saturday-night dj set in the Mainstage at Jaarbeurs Utrecht last March and which he subsequently reproposed in the finale of his last sets: it’s called Space Case.

The track is a clear reference to the trance and hard-trance of the late 90s and early 2000s: the voice of an “astronaut” leads the way to an unforgettable trance ascent, which becomes more and more sustained, an authentic musical journey.

Space Cage is already a candidate to become one of the most important trance tracks of this 2023 and will be released in the next few weeks: in the meantime Armin is grappling with the success of his progressive-house track Motive in its various versions, much appreciated especially that of 7 Skies.

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