An inedit FSOE 800 celebrations !

On September 15th in a magnificent setting, the Egyptian duo will celebrate this edition uniting two seemingly distant worlds of trance music

It’s definitely difficult to rate or judge Aly & Fila‘s career over the past decade. However, what the trance music listener has understood is that a space has now been carved out between the pillars and the epic figures of this genre, especially in the uplifting trance discourse, managing to even hypothesize scenarios of musical “legacy” towards authors and producers of fame.

Such an impressive career has brought trance made in egypt to perform practically everywhere and in the best existing manifestations of trance and electronic music, we indulged in their powerful and melodic sound together with dozens of collaborations, as regards the rotations in the DJ sets instead, we are about to witness something unique and never seen before.

We have reached the 800th edition of the famous Future Sound Of Egypt radio show, we will return, as well as the 500th edition, under the pyramids of Giza, to their home, in a fairytale scenario. The absolute novelty of this edition, which will be held on September 15th, certainly concerns the most important guests: Above & Beyond:

It will be an unprecedented participation, the English trio and the Egyptian duo had never exchanged headphones during a set, we will witness an uplifting mix marked by the progressive A&B of recent times, dreaming of a collaboration between these two philosophies. But the evening does not end here, to accompany the two pharaohs there will be Das Pharaoh, Paul Thomas, Ahmed Romel b2b Philippe El Sisi and Omar Sherif, for a historic set !

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And speaking of collaborations, Eye Of The Storm is out on September 1st in collaboration with Alex M.O.R.P.H. and promises to be one of the sounds of the year.

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