Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa celebrate OceanLab’s discography with a precious anthology

Tony, Paavo, Jono and Justine Suissa celebrate their legendary vocal trance project with a captivating collection

“You’re a half a world away …” anyone who loves trance would know how to sing it: Satellite, which is about to celebrate 20 years since its first release, is perhaps the most famous tranck of a trance musical project that has marked this last twenty years: OceanLab, the precious collaboration between Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa.

Although the project had already been full of successes in the early 2000s with Satellite (2004) and also with legendary tracks such as Beautiful Together (2003), Clear Blue Water (2001) and Sky Falls Down (2002), the real turning point came in 2008 with the release of the first studio album which in a way corresponds to Above & Beyond’s second studio album in chronological order: Sirens Of The Sea.

From here, sensational trance tracks were extracted: Sirens Of The Sea, Miracle and Breaking Ties in 2008, On A Good Day and Lonely Girl in 2009: all hits that have entered the history of trance.

Nostalgic lovers of the project had long yearned for an OceanLab return, although Tony, Paavo and Jono continued their collaborations with Justine but as Above & Beyond (Little Something featured on 2015’s We’re All We Need album, Alright Now, Cold Feet and Naked present in the 2018 album Common Ground and finally, in 2021 with the powerful Almost Home), until, in 2015, during the ABGT250 celebrations in Sydney, Above & Beyond revealed the return of OceanLab with a new song: Another Chance, released later in 2016.

Several new remixes have been released by various Anjunabeats and non-Anjunabeats artists over the course of these years and some OceanLab records have been re-proposed in an acoustic key in the various Above & Beyond Acoustic I and II.

To celebrate the iconic music of OceanLab and the release of new remixes (by Above & Beyond, Genix, Seven Lions and Marsh), Tony, Paavo, Jono and Justine will release a rare anthology on March 15, 2024 that contains all the history of the project, from the successes of Sirens Of The Sea to the acoustic versions of some of their tracks up to the new remixes and many more:

OceanLab – The Anthology is in pre-order but it’s possible to view the tracklist of the box set and listen to a preview of the tracks contained.

As a preview of the box set’s release, OceanLab today released the Above & Beyond’s 2023 remix of Satellite, first played during ABGT500 in Los Angeles in October 2022.

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